Telephones: There are telephones for patient and family use at each patient’s bedside. Patients and families may also use cell phones, but are reminded to keep cell phones on vibrate to avoid disturbing other patients. Family and loved ones may call the Hospice Inpatient Unit at any time, day or night. The call can then be transferred to the patient’s bedside.

Restrooms: Handicapped-accessible restrooms are located to the left as you enter the Diamond Street entrance.

Handicapped Parking: The Diamond St. parking lot has specially-marked parking spaces for the handicapped.

Snacks and soft drinks: For visitors, coffee is available in the family room kitchen. Snacks and beverages for patients can be requested from the nurse.

Personal Belongings: We encourage patients and families to bring personal hygiene items and meaningful possessions from home, keeping in mind that we have limited storage. We ask that you label all belongings with the patient’s name. We recommend that you leave large amounts of money and other valuables at home. We request that no nails or tape etc. be used on walls/doors and other interior surfaces.

Advance Directives and other legal forms: Standard versions of various forms are available; please ask for them at the nurses’ station.

Restaurants, hotels and other area businesses: We keep lists of nearby hotels, restaurants that provide carry-out and delivery, drug stores and other businesses that may be helpful. Please ask at the nurses’ station.