A highly skilled team of professionals and volunteers work with each patient and family to create and implement an individualized Plan of Care. Team members meet regularly to discuss the plan and make changes to better meet the patient’s needs.


  • The Hospice Nurse is responsible for planning care and for implementing doctor’s orders.
  • The Physician ensures that pain and other symptoms are alleviated.
  • The Social Worker helps patients and their loved ones work through emotional stress, discharge planning, end-of-life issues, financial concerns, funeral planning, and other choices.
  • The Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor provides spiritual comfort, discusses important spiritual issues, and helps patients and families meet their spiritual obligations.
  • The Dietitian helps choose the nourishment that makes the patient most comfortable, and assists in discussions regarding forms of nutrition and swallowing problems.
  • The Nursing Assistant provides personal care under the direction of the Hospice Nurse.

The Volunteer provides companionship and comfort to patients and their families.