Our goal is to make patients and families as comfortable as possible during their stay, knowing that each family may define “comfort” in a slightly different way.

Here is a list of the most frequently requested services, including the kinds of information other patients and families often ask about. Be sure to talk to your hospice nurse about the areas you feel would be most helpful.

Pain and symptom relief

  • Understanding pain and how it is assessed
  • Strategies for relieving pain and other symptoms

Information about your illness

  • Its current status and treatment options
  • Benefits and burdens of various treatments
  • Future stages of the illness and your prognosis

hospice-care-inpatient-facilityInformation about your medications

  • Evaluation of medicines for effectiveness, safety, and helpful and harmful interactions
  • Alternate ways of administering medications

Help with difficult decisions and ethical dilemmas

Emotional and spiritual support

  • Help coping with depression, anxiety, anger, and nervousness
  • Help resolving family conflicts and stresses
  • Prayer, reading of religious or inspirational material
  • Discussion of spiritual matters and questions
  • Help meeting religious and spiritual obligations
  • Assistance with Life Review
  • Help for grieving children
  • Grief counseling

Practical support

  • Assistance with Medicare, Medicaid and insurance paperwork
  • Assistance with advance directives, living wills, powers of attorney and other legal forms
  • Language interpretation
  • Caregiver training for family members and loved ones
  • Identification of helpful community resources