HCC kicks off fundraiser
We’re exciting to have launched another Hearts for Hospice campaign, and look forward to seeing those hearts in businesses across the state! Kelly Rippin and WBOY 12 TV recently interviewed Hospice Care Corp’s Cynthia Woodyard for more details:

CLARKSBURG — During the month of February, seeing hearts in businesses is pretty common, but some of those hearts are on display for a cause that often goes unnoticed.

“February is our annual Hearts for Hospice campaign. It’s where we have a heart for our patients and families and we hope you’ll have a heart for hospice,” explains Cynthia Woodyard with the Hospice Care Corporation.

“It’s an important service both for the patient and family because they help people get through those hard times.”

Hospice care can be a sensitive topic for some, and the campaign hopes to raise not only money, but awareness of how important it is to the community.

“Hospice is not something that people really want to talk about or think about until the time comes. And February is a time for us to raise the awareness that hospice services are out there. It’s an option for people to provide quality of life. And it’s another way for the community to get involved and raise money for patients and families who need our services,” adds Woodyard.

As a non-profit, Hospice Care Corporation needs funding to continue to provide quality care.

“Some of their services may not be covered by Medicare, so they still have to provide the service, so they use outside funding, such as fund raisers like this”

“We provide care for a variety of cases. We do not turn people away. No matter if they have insurance or don’t have an ability to pay. There’s also complicated cases and expensive treatments. Other hospices don’t necessarily take these cases due to the fact that it costs. And because we’re community based and community owned that’s one of the things that we really do. It’s part of our mission. It’s why we’ve been here 27 years and why we’re going to be here for decades to come,” says Woodyard.

It’s not too late for a business to join the “Hearts for Hospice Care” campaign. Contact Cynthia Woodyard at cwoodyard@wvcaring.org.