Facing a terminal prognosis in his battle with Colorectal Cancer, John Bennett will see a lifelong dream fulfilled…and meet a personal hero, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Santa Barbara, CA – On February 14 (Valentines Day) Dream Foundation, the first national wish-granting organization for adults in the end stages of life, will hand-deliver John Bennett’s dream package ? which will include balloons, race gear, and the travel details for his Dream trip to the Daytona 500 International Speedway where he’ll meet his hero Dale Earnhardt Jr.  Bennet (age 47), a Volga West Virginia resident, will be joined by is wife, Cyrena, as they fly out on February 18 for their four day Daytona trip.

Faced with a terminal 6-month prognosis in his battle with stage IV colorectal cancer, Bennet wrote to Dream Foundation with the help of his Hospice Care Corporation social worker in October 2010.  In his letter he said, “…if I could meet Dale Jr.  it would do a lot for me and my wife.  It is has been real tough for my wife and me to handle what is going to happen in the near future.  It would be wonderful for something good to happen to us.”

In 2009 he was diagnosed with cancer and has since been dealing with treatments and surgeries.  “The cancer is back in my colon, both sides of my liver, and I have spots on my lung, kidneys, and spleen.  It’s an aggressive cancer.  I might just have months left,” added Bennett.

terminal-cancer-hopsice-care“John deserves a reprieve from his disease – and his hardships – with this dream,” says Dream Foundation Founder, Thomas Rollerson.  “As much as this dream is about meeting a hero, it’s about finding joy and creating fond memories with his wife.  We are honored to serve John’s dream.”

Bennett’s dream itinerary package will be hand-delivered by Dream Host Volunteers on February 14, complete balloons and race-themed fanfare. Using supporter-donated Delta Airlines miles, Dream Foundation will be flying Bennett and his wife from Pittsburgh to Daytona Beach Florida, where they’ll be staying at the Atlantic Resort Ocean Palms hotel from February 18 – February 21.  Dream Foundation is also covering their per diem while they’re there.  On Sunday February 20, the Bennetts will experience their VIP Track and Pit Tour at the Daytona International Speedway.

Although Dream Foundation is based out of a small office in Santa Barbara, California they are able to fulfill more than 2,000 nationwide per year.  Enhancing Dream Foundation’s ability to serve and deliver dreams with a personal touch is the Dream Host Volunteer program.  Genentech, a founder of the biotechnology industry, has offered their 600+ nationwide BioOncology representatives to serve as Dream Foundation Dream Hosts.  Not only do Dream Hosts help identify locally available resources to help achieve a dream, they deliver dreams with joy; an embrace; a celebration.  Dream hosts serving on Bennett’s dream include West Virginia residents, Michael Cilella and Elizabeth Roth.

In 2010, 16 years after the fulfillment of its first dream, Dream Foundation realized its 10,000th dream.  The mission of Dream Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and their families battling life-threatening illness. Dream recipients are 18 years and older and have been given a limited prognosis of a year or less of life expectancy.  Dreams range from items a simple a hot water heater or a comfortable mattress to a family vacations with children.  With more than 2,000 anticipated dream requests for 2011, Dream Foundation relies on donations of cash, airline miles and other resources to make many of their dreams come true.  For more information visit www.dreamfoundation.org or call (805) 564-2131.

Hospice Care Corporation, a 501 (c) (3), non profit organization, is dedicated to serving the seriously ill and their families in 12 counties in North Central West Virginia for the past 27 years.  Hospice Care brings compassion, care and support to individuals and their families transitioning through life-limiting illness while providing outreach, education and expertise in grief support to the entire community.

The organization relies on community support through donations that provides the services for end-of-life care.  Hospice Care Corporation is an Open Access hospice that doesn’t refuse patients based on the cost of their care, but solely on their right to receive it.  Since Hospice Care Corporation is community centered it provides services and outreach to the communities it serves through free bereavement support with its Camp Nabe and Transitions, a center for grief and loss.

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