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2-19-2017 Community Forum WV Caring

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WAJR: 6:00 2-17-2017 Morgantown AM Interview

ARTHURDALE, W.Va. — After nine months of planning and organization, Hospice Care Corporation began operating as West Virginia Caring.

The change was official January 1, 2017.

According to Cindy Woodyard, the Vice President of Public Affairs for West Virginia Caring, there’s a misconception of when patients and families can receive care.

“Advanced illness care, Hospice, palliative, it’s all moving into an elevated level where people can access care much earlier in the process,” she said.

West Virginia Caring operates in 12 north central West Virginia counties.

They include Wetzel, Marion, Monongalia, Preston, Taylor, Barbour, Tucker, Randolph, Pocahontas, Braxton, Calhoun and Gilmer Counties.

Families and patients in those counties could qualify for a host of services from West Virginia Caring Woodyard explained.

That includes treating “side effects of chemotherapy therapy, restlessness and suffering from dementia, shortness of breath.  We have a lot of COPD (cases) in West Virginia and swallowing difficulties,” listed Woodyard.

A give local fundraising campaign for West Virginia Caring is now in its 8th year.  Woodyard said the goal is to raise $10,000 this year.  The amount raised last year was $4,000.

“It is ‘Have a Heart’. What it does, it allows local businesses, individuals and organizations to have their customers support those who live here in the area and who need advanced illness care, hospice and palliative care.”

Money raised stays in the 12 counties served.  More than 150 businesses are participating.

“If you shop local and go into any of those you can give a dollar or more and make a big difference for your loved ones and neighbors and people right here who need end of life care,” stressed Woodyard.

Donations are also accepted online at www.hospicecarecorp.org.


I’m Sunshine Wiles and you’re listening to the community forum.

A nine month merger culminated last month with an expansion in what has long been known as hospice care.

I’m joined by Cindy Woodyard, the Vice President of Public Affairs for West Virginia Caring.


When we return, find out about the WV Caring “Have a Heart” campaign.

Since January, Hospice Care Corporation has been known as West Virginia Caring.  In this community forum, Cindy Woodyard, the Vice President of Public Affairs for WV Caring explains the reach of the program and how you can help.


You can give at hospicecarecorp.org.  Look for the donate now link.  I’m Sunshine Wiles and you’ve been listening to the community forum.