Caregiving is not an easy task whether it is paid or unpaid. It can take its toll on people responsible for the day to day living of older adults, those with limited mobility or impairment and seniors nearing end of life. In the US, there are over 39 million caregivers. Emotional and physical burdens affect caregivers which is why it is important to find support when you are looking after a senior. If you are not functioning properly physically and mentally, you will also be limited and ineffective in taking care of the elderly.

Studies suggest that specific interventions for caregivers are crucial to ensure that they are effective in carrying out their duties to elderly persons. Fortunately, there are several resources available for caregivers such as associations that help in funding senior care, support programs and training as well as logistics planning in the form of meals, transportation or home modifications. You can also tap educational resources to keep abreast of what is happening in senior or hospice care. Detailed resources for caregivers are explained in this article.