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In honor of, in memory of, or send to someone that could use a little ‘light’ in their life.

We have selected a one-time, elegant porcelain ornament for your special loved ones during this holiday season.

These beautiful hollow-cast ornaments are made from scratch and glow when a mini-light is placed inside. This year’s ornament features a unique oval design titled, “A Cozy Winter Night.” This represents the hope and comfort that WV Caring brings to each family’s home.

And, as always, we have our classic glass heart ornaments as an option as well.

Once again, we will forego the in-person tree lightings and your tree will become our tree.


In 1983, a group of volunteers in Preston County understood that people living with life limiting illnesses needed care.  Their tireless work led to hiring WV Caring’s first paid employee and Founding President, Ms. Malene Smith Davis. And, under her leadership she led the expansion of care into eleven more counties for WV Caring, formerly Hospice Care Corporation, to become one of the oldest and largest non-profit hospices in West Virginia. Her trail-blazing work coincided with America’s leading policymakers more than 35 years ago ensuring that West Virginians received hospice care through the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

Today, as WV Caring’s Founding President, and Chief Visionary Officer Malene is known nationally for her work in advocating for excellent end-of-life care.

Whether you are living with a progressive illness, or you are caring for someone who is, we at WV Caring understand just how challenging this can be. You can call us anytime to request more information about care, and we’re easy to access.


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