Home, family, love, comfort, dignity, community and well-being are all signs of good, quality life. Excellent quality of life is what we would want for our loved ones with an advanced illness, right? 

WV Caring is committed to providing your loved one with the care they need and for you to keep them home through the help of quality hospice services. For Robert Howdyshell, keeping his wife, Vita Louise, at home after she was diagnosed with dementia, was important. 

Discover more about Robert and Vita Lousie below and how WV Caring helped keep Vita Louise in the comfort of her own home. 


HowdyshellRobert lives outside of Grafton, West Virginia. He and his wife, Vita Louise, have lived there since 1965 and raised three children in their home. In 2014, Robert’s wife became diagnosed with dementia. It wasn’t long until she accumulated Alzheimer’s. 

“It’s a terrible illness. She started having problems dragging her right leg. Then, while she was in the hospital, I wanted to keep her home. I didn’t want to put her in a rest home. That’s how I got started with WV caring,” said Robert. “I thank the Lord every day for WV Caring and for the help I’m getting. I really can’t do it by myself.”


We understand that thinking about a loved one’s end-of-life journey is tough. We make the process smooth and as respectful as possible for your loved one. 

“Starting that day when I brought her home from the hospital, they had the bed here and the lift. They have a nurse that comes two days a week. I can get right on the phone with them and they either help me straighten it out over the phone or they’re here. It’s very comforting,” said Robert.

We understand that support is needed at any time, day or night. That’s why we supply services 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. 

“One time the nurse was here on a Thursday and she was alright in the morning. In the afternoon, she had a temperature. So I called the number, and they said the nurse would be right out. In 45 minutes, she was here. We got another prescription. I put her on the pills and she cleared right up,” said Robert. 

We know that those with advanced illnesses deserve experienced, high-quality, comprehensive care to stay in their home. WV Caring’s services go beyond medical care; we offer emotional and spiritual support as well. 

“The social worker is very nice. You can’t spend day-in, day-out without anybody to talk to you. That’s a help to me to have somebody to talk to every day. Everybody I’ve had anything to do with, they are excellent people to deal with,” said Robert.

“Been together all these years and it would be tough to be without her. But WV Caring is handling it great for me so far. I would be pleased to recommend them to anybody,” said Robert.

Unfortunately, many believe that hospice care is unaffordable. That’s not true. Medicare certifies more than 90 percent of hospices in the United States. Eighty percent of people who use hospice care are over the age of 65 and are entitled to the services offered by the Medicare Hospice Benefit. This benefit covers all the care related to the terminal illness (and related illness) that is determined medically necessary by the hospice physician. If there is a medical condition that is not related to the terminal illness or related illness, the Medicare coverage you had before electing the hospice benefit will cover these illnesses.

“I’m just the average working man and I couldn’t afford a rest home at the prices [nursing homes are] asking,” Robert said.  “But I tell you one thing, I don’t think I made a mistake [choosing WV Caring]. I’m well-pleased.”


As a leading provider of hospice care in the state of West Virginia, we know that many difficult decisions that you need to make when it comes to finding the right kind of care. We are here to guide you and be by you and your family’s side throughout this process. If keeping your loved one at home is your goal, we can help you. 

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