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Anyone can refer someone who may benefit from our hospice services.

Does someone in your community need hospice services? If you are unsure, ask yourself these seven questions. If you answer yes, you can make a referral on behalf of that individual and our team will take care of it the rest of the way.

  1. Have you noticed a sudden decline in health?
  2. Is the person in your community making frequent trips to the emergency room at the hospital?
  3. Are they losing weight rapidly?
  4. Is there a decline in physical and mental function?
  5. Are they experiencing pain that can’t be relieved?
  6. Are they having difficulty swallowing?
  7. Has their illness caused medical conditions like increased infections?

If you would like to make a referral please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

“I wish we had Hospice sooner.”

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Pain Symptom Management found that hospice patients lived on average 29 more days than those non-hospice patients.

The Benefits of Early Referrals
We often hear the regrets from our patients and families realizing they should have received hospice service sooner because of the excellent care and additional support they received. At anytime during a life-limiting illness, and especially before a medical crisis, it’s important to discuss with the patient all of the healthcare options, including hospice. Even though some physicians are hesitant to talk about hospice as an option, many patients are grateful and relieved to have their physician initiate that conversation and develop a plan of care that focuses on their goals.

Donate to WV Caring
Donate to WV Caring

What WV Caring Offers Facilities

WV Caring can offer your facility the highest, quality care for your patients in North Central West Virginia. Our staff is very experienced at providing the most specialized types of patient care.  Almost 20 years ago, we were selected by the West Virginia Initiative to Improve End-of-Life Care as the first hospice to provide education and training to hospitals and nursing homes.

WV Caring can offer facilities the education and training regarding all aspects of end-of-life and hospice, including pain and symptom management, grief and bereavement and ethical issues.  A visit for your facility can be arranged by contacting WV Caring at 1-866-656-9790.

If you would like more information about WV Caring Services contact our Access Center at: 1-866-656-9790 or 304-599-3105.