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“What a blessing it was for our family that Robert died peacefully in the comfort of the Hospice Center.”

WV Caring patient’s daughter-in-law

“What a blessing it was for our family that Robert died peacefully in the comfort of the Hospice Center.”

WV Caring patient’s daughter-in-law

Every patient deserves this level of care.

Your donations ensure they receive it.

Robert, 83, had been a widower for some years. He lived in a remote, rural area and had always been very independent and self-sufficient. His children watched in anguish as his depression deepened while his dependence on his family for daily life functions continued to grow. His strength was failing with each passing day, and he had great difficulty accepting the invalid state he was now facing.

Finally, the family requested hospice. The Hospice Care staff came to Robert’s home and began working with him several times a day to increase his comfort, lessen his pain and provide the care and emotional support that he so needed. For the first time in months, there was hope for better days for Robert.

It was amazing to watch the change in Robert as he anticipated the daily hospice team visits. He grew less angry with his situation and far more accepting. With relief and comfort, his family embraced the compassionate care that came to their family through hospice. Robert and his family spent the remainder of his life in a truly peaceful, harmonious, loving manner.

Every family in need of hospice should have the chance to experience it. The thought of such a family being denied that chance because of an inability to pay is unthinkable.

WV Caring will never deny a family the comfort and dignity of hospice care just because they can’t pay for it. But without the caring, generous support of friends like you, it would not be possible for us to do so.

And right this very minute, many moms and dads in our communities are in pain and desperately in need of our care… and we need your help to provide it.

Thank you for helping us ensure every patient receives the end-of-life care they deserve.

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Join the WV Caring Hospice Center Campaign to help ensure more patients have the option for this kind of care. Hospice services like Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurance plans pay for short-term stays; however, we believe that financial barriers should not prevent a patient from receiving the care they deserve.

Please know that your kind donation will ensure more patients experience the dignity and quality of life they deserve. Help us so that when it is you or a family member’s time, we can help and give back to you.

Your gift could provide:

      • Loving moments for a daughter and mother
      • A peaceful goodbye to family and friends
      • One last “I love you”

Together, we can take care of our most vulnerable West Virginians and provide comfort when it is needed most. Donate today and know that you are providing hope that patients can share their last days surrounded by their closest family.






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