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Watch a virtual tour of the WV Caring Hospice Center

When you need a higher level of care, call WV Caring’s Hospice Center.

As an addition to the excellent end-of-life care WV Caring provides, WV Caring has the only inpatient unit in North Central West Virginia. This unique Hospice Center is designed to offer short-term acute care for hospice patients who need a higher level of care.

The Hospice Center provides specialized hospital-like care in a home like setting. The goal is to stabilize the patient’s condition well enough so they can return to home.

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Our Hospice Center is perfect for patients who need:

  • Pain and symptom control (nausea, shortness of breath, anxiety, agitation) that cannot be managed at home

  • Complex medical care (IV therapy, high concentration oxygen, trachea care, ventilators)

  • To reduce readmissions to the hospital related to their illness

  • Options for transitions from hospital to home or nursing homes

  • Introductions to new medications

  • Stabilizing treatments from their disease

  • Specialized care through the dying process 

  • Respite care, which can be provided for up to five days when caregivers need a break. 

  • Trauma care after a tragic event and will not recover

  • Palliative care to have their symptoms managed and assistance for their terminal illness, but are still seeking curative treatment

  • Residential care is available with private pay

The Hospice Center is a free-standing facility featuring 12 private rooms with comfortable accommodations for both the patient and family.  It is fully staffed with a high ratio of staff to patients and relaxed visitation for family to be with their loved one.

  • Chapel/meditation room
  • Family kitchen
  • Living room
  • Flexible visiting hours
  • Family room to relax and visit

As with the coverage for home hospice care, Medicare, Medicaid, and many private insurance plans pay for short-term stays at our Hospice Center.

The Hospice Center is conveniently located in downtown Elkins.

It is easily accessible from all major points via Interstate 79 and onto US Route 33 at exit 99.
For inquiries please call 1-866-656-9790