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3 Benefits of Seeking Care at Our Hospice Center

Apr 14, 2021 | Hospice Care, Regional Inpatient Care Facility

At West Virginia Caring, we believe hospice is about helping our patients live the way they want. Most of the time, we can bring hospice care to our patients’ homes, but sometimes, situations occur that call for an inpatient stay. In addition to the excellent end-of-life care WV Caring provides, we are proud to announce the opening of our short-term care stay Hospice Center, located in picturesque Elkins, West Virginia.

Our inpatient Hospice Center atmosphere is vastly different from one that you might find in an acute-care setting. Please continue reading to learn about three benefits of seeking care at our short-term Hospice Center.

Only Inpatient Unit in North Central West Virginia

WV Caring offers the only inpatient unit in North Central West Virginia. Our Hospice Center provides specialized hospital-like care in a home-like setting. Our goal is to stabilize the patient’s condition well enough to return home to their families and back to a normal level of care. Fifty percent of patients admitted to our Hospice Center become better and can go home.

As with home hospice care coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, and many private insurance plans pay for short-term stays at our Hospice Center. A WV Caring representative can discuss and answer any financial questions that you may have.

Supports Patients with More Intensive Needs

At times, a hospice patient may experience severe pain or other worsening symptoms that can no longer be managed at home with routine home hospice care. If your loved one’s needs intensify, our team may suggest transferring him or her to our short-term Inpatient Hospice Center. If their condition stabilizes, they can return home to familiar surroundings and resume routine home hospice care.

We recommend the WV Caring Hospice Center for patients that need:

  • Pain and symptom control (nausea, shortness of breath, anxiety, agitation) that cannot be managed at home
  • Complex medical care (IV therapy, high concentration oxygen, trachea care, ventilators)
  • Options for transitions from hospital to home or nursing homes
  • Introductions to new medications
  • Stabilizing treatments from their disease
  • Specialized care through the dying process
  • Respite care, which can be provided for up to five days when caregivers need a break
  • Trauma care after a tragic event and will not recover
  • Palliative care to have their symptoms managed and assistance for their terminal illness but are still seeking curative treatment

Provides Patients a Home-Like Atmosphere with 24/7 Care

The WV Caring Hospice Center is a free-standing facility with comfortable accommodations for both the patient and their family. Our Hospice Center provides a home-like atmosphere where the focus is on comfort, emotional and spiritual support.

The WV Caring Hospice Center provides:

  • The highest level of hospice care for patients, it’s like a hospital for hospice patients in a relaxed quiet environment.
  • Immediate response time for patient needs and nurses’ full attention due to our staff to patient ratio.
  • Everything under one roof with onsite 24/7 medical staff and accommodations and amenities for family and friends.

To help our patients feel even more at home, the WV Caring Hospice Center offers:

  • Open visiting hours for family members and loved ones, including pets
  • Chapel/meditation room to meditate or seek spiritual comfort
  • Family kitchen
  • Living room
  • Family room to relax and visit
  • Beds with a TV and reading light
  • Seeking Hospice Care at WV Caring

If you or a loved one has a progressive illness and needs a short-term stay, the WV Caring Hospice Center located in Elkins, West Virginia, may be an option for you. It is easily accessible from all major points via Interstate 79 and onto US Route 33 at exit 99. If you have any questions about this option, please give us a call at 1-866-656-9790.

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