Home, family, love, comfort, dignity, community and well-being are all signs of a good life. When you or a loved one is diagnosed with an advanced illness, the story line can change. West Virginia Caring is an organization of highly trained medical professionals and caregivers that specialize in advanced illness care.

Learn about what makes WV Caring different from others.


WV Caring, founded in 1983, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving individuals and their families transitioning through life-limiting illness with palliative and hospice care while providing outreach, education and expertise in grief counseling. WV Caring serves 12 counties in North Central West Virginia. The organization is known for taking on complicated diagnoses, making sure grief and loss counseling is available to the individuals in our communities, and many other services that are not provided by standard end-of-life care providers.

It is designed to ensure the right care is provided at the right time and place. And, to empower patients and their families to get the care they want; care that honors their dignity and to avoid unproductive medical interventions. WV Caring’s advanced illness care is designed to help patients to live more comfortably and fully as possible. Goals include:

  • To relieve pain, fear and loneliness and its focus remains on the living that is taking place and to view the family as the whole unit of care.
  • To have its patients to “embrace life” through a complete program of care, which includes: pain management, physical, spiritual and psychological support.

WV Caring is owned by the communities it serves in North Central West Virginia. In fact, WV Caring is one of a few not for profit, stand-alone advanced illness care providers serving this area.


Palliative Care

Palliative Care is a type of care that relieves symptoms and improves quality of life for individuals of any age, at any stage with a life-limiting illness. WV Caring manages symptoms of the disease, like shortness of breath, pain, nausea. In addition, palliative care can assist with the emotional distress of the disease process.  WV Caring’s nurse practitioners visit patients at their home to assess and treat their advanced illnesses.

Patients can receive palliative care much earlier in the disease process, whether the illness is curable, chronic or life-limiting. It can start up to a year before the patient is eligible for hospice.

WV Caring is the only advanced illness provider in the region that provides palliative care and can care for the patient throughout the entire disease process.

Hospice Care + TeleCaring™

Hospice is patient-centered care that treats the whole patient by meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual and their family.

This type of end-of-life care begins later when a person’s disease has progressed to its final stages, which is usually in the last six months of life expectancy. This is when a person’s treatment goals change from curing the disease to comfort measures.

WV Caring provides a free, unique service that adds a second layer of support for its home hospice patients, called TeleCaring.

In addition to regularly scheduled clinical visits to a patient’s home, specially trained TeleCaring specialists proactively call patients and families every day to address any questions or concerns they may have related to: medications, symptom management, daily care issues, equipment and supplies. The results of every call is reported to the care team and if necessary it will trigger an extra visit or whatever is needed to address the issue. This extra touch point helps to identify patient needs in between visits and to provide much needed support to the caregiver and family.

WV Caring’s TeleCaring program was developed and tested by its sister organization Capital Caring. It’s been proven that these daily calls improves patient outcomes and a better overall experience for both patients and their families.

WV Caring is the only hospice organization in the state that provides TeleCaring for its hospice patients.

“It’s advancements and innovations like TeleCaring that give all of our patients and families the highest quality of care and experience we are known for,” said Malene Davis, president and CEO of WV Caring and Capital Caring.

Read on to learn more about WV Caring’s TeleCaring service.

Coordinated Advanced Illness Care (CAIC)

In addition to providing palliative and hospice care, WV Caring provides services through its Coordinated Advanced Illness Care Program. Families and patients who do not need hospice care but may have questions about managing their illness may speak with a nurse practitioner.  This resource is only available through WV Caring and no other provider takes this extra step to ensure individuals in the area have a resource to help them with their illness.

Bereavement – Grief and Loss

In addition to its 12 month bereavement program for its hospice patients’ families, WV Caring offers grief and loss Advanced Illness Carecounseling in the communities it serves. This counseling provides support to those who have experienced loss due to death or other life circumstances. Issues like loss of control, mobility, and the death of a parent, child or spouse and more are addressed.

This service is open to the community and is available by telephone, on-site, in the home or at one of our offices.

Additionally, WV Caring hosts an annual bereavement camp, called Camp Caring. It is open to any child and the adults in their lives that is dealing with the loss of a loved one. This camp is free to anyone in WV regardless if they received care from WV Caring.

To learn more about Camp Caring, click here.


Since 1983, WV Caring has been considered the benchmark for end-of-life care in WV. Serving 12 counties in north central West Virginia, generations of families have repeatedly called on WV Caring to care for their loved ones. The organization is known for supporting the community with its educational programs, grief and loss counseling and outreach. Its advancements and innovations like TeleCaring, palliative care, and its Coordinated Advanced Illness Care (CAIC) service ensures that West Virginians have access to the latest and best care available.

WV Caring has developed innovative partnerships with large healthcare systems to serve unmet needs and to advance end-of-life care in WV.  And, it was the first and only end-of-life care continuing education program for healthcare professionals provided through its annual Perry G. Fine, MD, Pain Lecture Series, now going into its 11th year.

As a testament to the outstanding care that families received WV Caring was named as a 2018 Hospice Honors recipient by HEATHCAREfirst. This evidence-based award was determined on hospices providing the highest level of quality as measured from a caregiver’s point of view.

So, when your loved one is diagnosed with a life-limiting or terminal illness, know that with WV Caring you will have the expertise and resources you will need to help you through this most difficult time.

From beginning to end, WV Caring is here for you and your loved ones.

If you have questions about our services, contact us by calling 1-866-656-9790.