“My mom died with dignity with my sister and me by her side, holding her hands and letting her know that we would someday meet again.”

The end-of-life journey is a burden you should not have to bear alone, especially during this unprecedented time. WV Caring provides each patient with a unique plan of care that is focused on their needs. The ability to have options and choices is essential during the final phase of life. There are no do-overs, and no one wants any regrets.

“I was driving two hours to visit my visually impaired 90-year-old mother who was living her final days in a nursing home. Once I got through the COVID-19 protocol, I was allowed about 15 minutes to see her from across the room. Fifteen minutes, once a week. Unable to touch her, hug her or even hold her hand. Because of the WV Caring Hospice Center in Elkins, I moved her to a safe and comfortable setting where she can receive the one-on-one care she deserves. I can now be with her, comfort her, talk about our lives, hold her, and tell her how much I appreciate and love her anytime I want. The staff was wonderful, compassionate and loved on her constantly. I have the confidence knowing that I have made the right decision. The WV Caring Hospice Center allowed me to be with her, holding her hand as she took her last breath.”
– Nancy Riley, daughter of Iris Feathers

Hospice care is provided wherever the patient resides, whether at home or another residence like a nursing home or assisted living facility. In this case, a nursing home was not ideal during COVID, especially for a 90-year-old, who was almost blind. She was living alone in the four walls of her room 24 hours a day for months. No one could come to her room to sit and talk, she could not be in the common areas to visit with the other residents or go outside and breathe the fresh air. It was like a prison sentence for her and her family.

WV Caring’s Hospice Center was a Godsend for the daughter and her mother. The option for her mother to move to the Hospice Center was an answer to their prayers. Her mother was in a beautiful, relaxed living environment where she was no longer bound by her previous residence restrictions. She could see her daughters whenever they wanted to visit and stay as long as they wanted. The staff was incredible and caring as they doted on her. It was like her second family. She could be taken outside to breathe the fresh air, enjoy the changing season and live with the best quality of life imagined. Everything she needed was right there at our Hospice Center during her end-of-life journey.

WV Caring’s Hospice Center is the only in-patient hospice facility in North Central West Virginia, serving the community. WV Caring is a non-profit hospice known for its expert and compassionate end-of-life care for almost 40 years. The high ratio of staff to patients cannot be matched anywhere. While services are typically provided in the patient’s home, occasionally, patients may need a higher level of care when the pain and symptoms need to be managed with a short in-patient stay and get better to return home. Respite care is an option when the caregiver needs a break. And sometimes, it is the right option for patients that are dying.

Please consider donating to the WV Caring Hospice Center to help others like the 90-year-old woman have the option for this kind of care during their end-of-life journey. Please know that your kind donation will ensure more patients experience the dignity and quality of life they deserve. Help us so that when it is you or a family member’s time, we can help and give back to you.

Your gift could provide:

– Loving moments for a daughter and mother
– A peaceful goodbye to family and friends
– One last “I love you”

WV Caring wants to continue to provide hope for patients and families. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you would like to donate, please do so here.